Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Blast from the Gymnastics Past

In 2010,  I had decided that I was going to quit the sport I've been doing since I was four. At the time, it was probably the best thing I could have done. I was going into high school, and I didn't need all the added stress 19 hours of gymnastics a week can bring. Half way through my grade 10 year, I decided that I really missed doing gymnastics, so I took a chance and decided to try my luck in gym once again. I had to get back in shape, which was crazy difficult. But I had a lot of motivation, I wanted to be better than before. I had a better mind set, and I was determined to concur any fears of gymnastics I had before. And I honestly did just that. That same year, I joined into the same level that I had quit from once, and I competed in competitions as a Provincial Level 5 Open (open is gym term for 16+).

WARNING, Ashlyn is about to sound extremely cocky.
I honestly could not have asked for a better year. I got first place all around in every competition I competed in, including one in Calgary that I have never been to before. At the Western Canadian Championships, I finished 2nd all around, and competed in the bars, floor and vault finals. I finished in 2nd on floor and tied for 3rd on vault (bars didn't go so well, ended up with 6th). I'm definitely a different and better gymnast from when I quit. I've worked very hard over the summer of 2013, and for the first time in my life, I will be competing as a national level gymnast, and I'm ecstatic!

I've decided to share a video of my gymnastics competition from 2010 compared to the same one in 2013. I think it shows how much I've changed as a gymnast, and how I've greatly improved from where I was before.

Video includes- Floor routine from 2010, floor from 2013, vault from 2010, vault from 2013, back tuck on beam in 2010, back pike in 2013

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