Monday, 20 January 2014

Buried Life Project

Authors Note:

My name is Ashlyn Erickson, I am currently 17 and a senior at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate. Completing this bucket list was a challenge for me. I realized that I don’t have many large aspirations in my life. Being in high school obviously limits you to the amount of goals you’re able to achieve, which sucks because school should help you grow, not hold you back. Although it is difficult to accomplish goals on a bucket list while in high school, it isn’t impossible. I completed a goal on my bucket list in 2012, when I saved up money to travel to Europe with my sisters. I’ve always wanted to travel ever since I was little, and it was great to experience places so different from Winnipeg. Completing this item on my bucket list showed me how important it is to make goals for yourself, and how good it feels when you finish them. In my video, I thought I’d share some items that still remain on my bucket list, and things I wish to do in my not to distant future.

1.     Get into Digital Media Design at Red River
2.     Meet Tom Hiddleston
3.     See Wicked in New York
4.     Go to the Oscars
5.     Spend Christmas in Sweden
6.     Travel with all my sisters
7.     Go to Disney World
8.     Eat at Hell’s Kitchen
9.     Be a dancer in “Chicago” (more specifically The Cell Block Tango)
10. Do a double back on floor
11. See Lady Gaga in concert
12. Practice driving in bad weather
13. Write a letter to Dick Van Dyke
14. Make videos while travelling
15. Live somewhere beautiful
16. Watch all the movies nominated for Golden Globes 2014
17. Finish reading Insurgent
18. Get a tattoo
19. Go to Wales
20. Meet the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyways?
21. Adopt a dog
22. Go skating
23. Buy a queen bed
24. Fill a journal
25. Meet the cast of Downton Abbey
26. Go to the spa
27. Attend VidCon
28. Rewatch The Lord of the Rings
29. Buy a BoosterJuice
30. See Mumford and Sons live
31. Make a new dessert
32. Watch all the Toy Story movies
33. Learn sign language
34. Meet the cast of Breaking Bad
35. Watch all the movies I want to watch
36. Reread all the Harry Potter’s
37. Attempt a new skill on bars
38. Buy an iPhone
39. Drink more water
40. Graduate high school
41. Compete as a National level gymnast
42. Work in the movie industry
43. Travel somewhere new
44. Go on a shopping spree
45. Wear what I want without being scared
46. Have a DVD collection
47. Have a Disney movie marathon
48. Get more sleep
49. Go on the set of Doctor Who

50. Spend my life with people I love

Now What:
Many items on my list have to do with gymnastics, such as adding new skills to certain events. I can see these items being crossed off very soon since I work very hard to achieve these goals when I’m at the gym. It’s also something I enjoy doing, so it isn’t necessarily a difficult thing to be motivated to do, like stop procrastinating and eating less candy. I also have many items related to celebrities and the film industry. I’m hoping that by pursuing the career I want, these things may tag along as well. I would love to have a career in the film industry, so meeting famous people would just be icing on the cake. Even though some of these goals may seem far-fetched, it’s still good to work towards them. It’s important to live your life to the fullest; I think a famous phrase goes as such…


  1. I loved how you added videos into your video. It was really original considering many used animoto. Way to go girl!!!

  2. Wow you're a good gymnast. You're video was very creative. I believe your going to get to your goal, have fun with it.

  3. This was such a cute video!! I love the way you made each item a video instead of just a picture, very creative! I really liked your "get more sleep" idea. I totally agree, that's something I need to do too

  4. I like how some of your items on your list focus on your gymnastics and I think that's good that it's something that you love since I think that would make you more motivated to do them. I also loved your video since I think it makes things a little more interesting than just photos.

  5. I loved your video a lot! I loved how you filmed it and it was awesome. I like all your points too!! Good job!!

  6. I really liked your video! It showed your skills in media production and I thought it turned out really good. I also liked how you filmed your visuals rather than just photographed. I liked your bucket list too, I could tell your past times and things you love to do.

  7. I really liked how you didn't use animoto it worked out really well and the techniques that your used in your video really added to the experience of watching it. I also would like to see mumford and sons live so maybe we can get that one done together.

  8. I thought your video was the most well put together so far and it's going to put mine to shame, but the things on your list were really good because you have to work hard for them. And the videos were a good addition.

  9. I loved your video! I find we have a lot of similarities in our list. I really want to work in the film industry as well and travel. I really like how you put your video together even if you didn't have all of the footage! Very creative!

  10. I loved your video so much!! I liked how you used old clips of you in gymnastics that made it very personal. My favourite clip of yours was the graduate one, when you used pictures all through your school years. Well done!

  11. I really really liked your video. I thought the idea of combining videos into your project was awesome. They all flowed very well together and kept me really interested! I hope you achieve your goals and carry on to live life to the fullest. Good luck Ashlyn!

  12. Well done! I think it's super awesome that you want to pursue a career film as that interests me as well.

  13. I loved watching this video I didn't want it to stop, everything was really nicely put together!

  14. Love love loved your video! I liked all your gymnastics videos. I used to take gymnastics but I was no where nearly as talented as you are! I wish you luck, and I'm sure you'll achieve your goals as a gymnast without a problem with how motivated and determined you are as a person!

  15. I really liked your gymnastics videos! They are super cool and I wanted to watch more of the videos!! You are really good! good luck in accomplishing your gymnastics goals!