Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Television/Movie Reviews

In the past week, I have watched a couple movies and shows that I'd like to talk about. Seeing movies in the theaters is something I absolutely love doing, but it's difficult to go when tickets are so expensive. I've received a couple cineplex gift cards over the holidays, which I am very grateful for!

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
I discovered my love for this series when my grade 7 English teacher made us watch Lord of The Rings. I'm very glad he did, or else I probably would have avoided these movies like the plague. I loved the LOTR trilogy, so hearing about the creation of The Hobbit made me extremely giddy. As well as hearing two of my favourite actors were going to be in it. This movie was SO GOOD, so much action and intense scenes. And the dragon, good god. So scary, but so amazing. The graphics were great, obviously lots of hard work done there, and it completely paid off.
11/10 would recommend

American Hustle
I've seen this movie nominated for many different award shows, so I knew it was going to be a good movie. It was definitely the type of movie that gets nominated for Oscars. I really liked all the actors and actresses in this movie, and they all played their characters very well. The ending was sort of anti-climatic, I thought someone was going to get shot. Never the less, it was an enjoyable movie.
9/10 would recommend
This is the first movie I watched in the year of 2014! And I loved it. Disney movies very rarely disappoint. This movie had a great mix of excited and cute and dramatic. And the music was really good, obviously if Idina Menzel has anything to do with it. The animation was amazing, I really like this style Disney has now. Even thought these movies are made for children, everyone can still appreciate the humour, as well as the beauty of the animation.
10/10 would recommend
This show captured my heart many years ago. And it's been on hiatus for more than a year, but finally aired season 3 today.
It was really great. I think they handled John's reaction quite well, and wrapped things up nicely. It's crazy to finally find out what happened, after being left of such a huge cliff hanger for literally a year. Totally crazy and awesome, as expected. This has been and will remain to be my favourite show for a long time. As someone who wants to pursue a future in the media industry, this show gives me so much inspiration, and motivates me to reach for those goals.

13/10 would recommend

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