Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Quickwrite- ROBOT

My robot slave, I mean servant, would help me with many things throughout my day. I would like my servant to help me pick out an outfit in the morning, and just tell me that I look fabulous so I don't second guess myself. Robot servant is too long of a name, so I would name him Thomas. He would look and sound like Thomas from Downton Abbey because he is beautiful, and I wouldn't mind hearing his voice everyday. Thomas would make me breakfast and lunch because I never get around to doing that in the morning. I would also enjoy massages since I'm always in need of one after gymnastics. If Thomas is a robot with feelings, I would let him have time off on holidays, and leave the house as he pleases after 7 pm.


  1. Oh man! You sure treat your robot well.. I would just treat mine like.. Well, a servant. I guess we should all give our robots time off and consider their feelings. Maybe they have family to spend time with during Christmas. I never thought about that.

    Yay you for being a kind human being.

  2. I agree with Michelle! I like how well you'd treat it! I also like how you would want to it to tell you how great you look.

  3. Does Thomas have a house of his own or does he live with you?

    1. I would let him use one floor of my mansion for his own apartment.

  4. Ok, stealing the idea of picking out outfits in the morning! That's a great idea! I also like the name Thomas, very cute!