Sunday, 20 October 2013

Six Word Memoirs De-brief

What did I learn about storytelling?
These 6 word memoirs are a great demonstration of how stories don't need to be lengths of books to be considered stories. 6 meaningful words accompanied by a picture can mean more than a whole novel. I noticed a lot of memoirs made my fellow students that are very simple, but must have a lot of meaning. It's very interesting that a few simple words can mean so much to one person. It allows people to express themselves quite easily, rather than writing paragraphs to explain what they want to say.

Where did I show my knowledge about using storytelling skills?
I showed my knowledge of using storytelling skills by the punctuation in 6 word memoirs. Commas and punctuation marks can add so much to a sentence, and reshape the message completely. It's important to use punctuation properly, so you are able to portray your idea correctly. I thought I used pictures to tell the story as well. The picture can draw a person in at first, and then have them read deeper into the story.

What did I learn as a reader, writer, thinker, storyteller?
I learned that there are many different ways to tell a story. One short sentence can mean more than a book in its entirety. It was difficult to think of a meaningful quote using only 6 words, but I felt the limitation allowed me to narrow down the words that actually meant something. It was interesting to see what everyone else came up with, and to see what matters to other people.

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