Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Imagery Passage

1. I chose this passage from the book Insurgent. Since we've been talking about imagery in our class, I've started to notice how much different types of imagery there is in this series. This passage appealed to me because the imagery makes me feel like I am in the characters place. The way she describes how she feels when she touches the gun, and her throat tightening, it was very descriptive and makes the reader feel like they are that character. 

2. Kinesthetic imagery is the most common in this passage. The character thoroughly describes what she feels and how she is feeling physically. 

3. I think the phrase "my throat tightens like I am having an allergic reaction" is the best example of kinesthetic imagery. It's really effective because the reader then imagines themselves having an allergic reaction, they begin to feel how the character is feeling.

4. I think the imagery is mostly negative, in the way the character compares her feeling to an allergic reaction, and that she feels suffocated. 

5. I believe the mood in this passage is anxiety, as all the characters descriptions of imagery are somewhat stressful and make the reader nervous to find out what happens next.

6. The purpose of this imagery is for the reader to get a better sense of what the characters sees, and how they character feels. The descriptions of imagery makes it very clear what the character is doing, seeing, and feeling.

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