Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Reading Assignment #5

1- Helping a slave run away #YOLO

2- I aint never seen 2 families hate each other 4 no reason at all

3- Feelin' bummed out, he was too young to die, yes indeed #RIP

4- Back in the raft w/ @Jimtheslave #homesweethome

5- Met the King & Duke today, got us some troubles ahead I suspect

6- Tickets to the Royal Nonesuch, on sale now! #norefunds

7- How can anybody believe such a sham?!!? #clueless

8- I hate having to choose, either way Im doin' something wrong #decisions

9- All I wanted was the raft to me and @Jimtheslave, is that too much to ask?!\

10- Reunited with @TomSawyer 

11- Of course, we cant do anything ordinary @TomSawyer

12- (Retweet from @TomSawyer) RUNNIN' FROM THE COPS! #YOLO

13- Tom has a bullet in his leg, the only person who's happy 'bout it is @TomSawyer

14- @Jimtheslave is now @Jimthefreeman. I knew you was white inside!!

15- Can say with confidence that I am Huck Finn!

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