Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Late Night Alien Stick-Up

This was the first night Harvey left the office after 10pm. The meeting lasted longer than expected. It was nearly 10:35 pm, the sky had already been dark since 5. Harvey's apartment is nearly 10 blocks away, and the next bus wasnt for an hour or so. This would have upset Harvey earlier in the day, but he was glad to be out of that cluttered, dingy office surrounded by the smell of his co-workers stale stench.

Harvey stepped out of the building, and feels the heavy, moist texture of the air. It must have rained while he was cramped in that windowless board room. He begins to walk down the street, his brown loafers splashing in the puddles, holding his briefcase in one hand and slicking his hair back with the other. His briefcase was organized and clean, containing the words “Harvey Branson” on a polished piece of brass. Appearance was important to him, as it would be for any agent of the government.

The city is silent around him, except for the sudden breeze he hears gust past, pushing leaves with it. It’s a cold, fall night, colder than the last. Harvey begins to regret not bringing his coat like his wife suggested. He only realises how cold he actually is when he feels the goose bumps arriving on his arms. Harvey questions whether he is actually cold, or if he might be afraid. He has walked down these streets many times before, but never at night. His pace quickens with the thought. Busy with the thoughts of hurrying home, he barely noticed the footsteps behind him. Before he had time to turn around, a hand covered his mouth and shoved him into a phone booth.

Harvey thrashed at the stranger until he felt the head of a gun on the back of his skull. He stopped where he was, not moving a muscle. He looks down at the hand on his mouth. The stranger’s skin was blue, why on earth did this man have blue skin? He felt a weight on his shoulder, but it wasn’t a familiar feeling, not like a hand or a backpack. He looks in the reflection of the glass phone booth to see a monkey grabbing on his coat. He hears it squeal in his ear, followed by a deeper voice from the man.
“Call your boss, we have a little situation we’d like to discuss.”

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